Isabel Rangel Baron: Diabetes and Prevention

Preventing diabetes is something that you should consider either for yoursefl and for others.

There are some important ideas that you should consider if you suffer from diabetes or have any genetic influence that has to do with this disease.

Diabetes must be prevented

The OMS has the mission of preventing this disease as much as possible and definitely they want to reduce the damages that it implies. According to the OMS the diabetes type 2 occurs because of the modern technologies at least in a 90% of the cases.

Sometimes diabetes exists because of hereditary factors and some others the reason could be metabolism itself.

In order to prevent diabetes, there are some things that you could consider doing:

Practicing sports or exercising regularly is definitely nice because you would have a better health.

Diabetes is a cronic disease

A good weight is important also so that you can also prevent diabetes and stay in good shape at the same time.

If you smoke, you rather stop it because sometimes it could be one of the factors that unleash diabetes and it will be a lot better to stop it because this is the moment in which you can prevent and not later.

It is important to prevent this disease as soon as possible because with time, the consequences could be dangerous. You surely will prefer to prevent the fact of suffering diabetes so you rather take these important tips into consideration and try to do your best to follow them. It is important that you also tell this too any person that you know that could suffer diabetes and its consequences. Maybe without really knowing it, you are helping a life which could last longer just because of the fact you would be helping to prevent it.

It is important that you look for a medical insurance if you want to be sure in the medical side as well, the OMS is a good option if you want to get one.


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