Reducing arthritis risks

If you want to know how to prevent arthritis, you should consider adopting the following habits:

Isabel Rangel Baron smokingQuit smoking: It is very well known that quitting the habit of smoke is related to many health improvements, including a decrease in the risk of getting osteoporosis. Consider that arthritis will directly affect your bones, and a good start is trying to reduce the amount of cigarrettes smoked everyday until you eventually quit this habit.

Isabel Rangel Baron Obesity


Control your weight: If you want to stay healthy and reduce the risk of suffering this disease, you should avoid gaining weight. Consider that eating healthy food and avoiding junk food may also prevent other diseases such as cancer, obesity and diabetes.



Isabel Rangel Baron ExerciseMake regular exercise: By doing a physical routine every now and then, you help your body muscles strengthen and therefore help not only your bones but also improving your blood flow, thus maintaing you articulations healthy and avoiding the hardening of the cartilage. For everytime you exchange an hour of watching TV for a walk, your heart, lungs and bones grow healthier and you even improve your mood.


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