Important! Do you eat enough proteins?

5 signals you need to eat more proteins

Proteins are essential in our daily diet. The muscles, ligaments, skin, hair, and nails are mainly composed of proteins, which are set up in chains of amino acids.

Proteins contributed to the tissue repair, the oxygenation of the organism and the immune system. Also, they provide energy.

Muscular aches, lack of energy and hair loss are signals that could indicate you are not eating enough proteins. If the body does not receive the necessary amount of proteins to its normal functioning, warning signals will appear.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Proteins
Isabel Rangel Baron – Proteins are esential to stay healthy

1. Fatigue

Excessive fatigue is the first signal of a protein deficit. The fatigue appears because the person has a low-calorie diet and the body does not have enough energy to do the daily activities.

2. Weakness on hair and skin

The hair and its follicles are made of proteins.  For this reason, a protein deficit can produce hair loss or weak hair  because proteins maintain it healthy and make it grow.

The nails and skin also depend on proteins to its regeneration. The skin is composed by three proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin. The skin could loose strength if we do not eat enough proteins.

3. Loss of muscle mass

A protein deficit reduces the muscle mass, which avoids doing physical activity as usual. At an advanced level, this could lead to cramping of muscles.

There is an amino acid that maintains the muscle mass. It is called L-Leucine and is mainly found in food from animal origin. Also, it is found in soybean, nuts, and seeds.

4. Getting sick frequently

 Proteins contribute to the functioning of the immune system. If we have a low-protein diet, we are exposed to infections and colds.

5. Gas and constipation

The amino acids are essential to have a proper digestion. A lack of proteins is associated with digestive problems.

For those who follow a vegan diet, products such as soybean, quinoa, and lentils are good to obtain the essential amino acids.



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