[Isabel Rangel Baron] Starter Tips For Future Medicians

If you are a lot into the idea of learning medicine on your own, then know this: You are awesome.

This is something that not everyone would do and read the following starter tips is great! You may have not had the chances to be at the university so going on your own may be a good idea as long as you learn properly, but remember carefulness, it is your life and others at risk.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Basics of medicine
Isabel Rangel Baron – Basics of medicine

Ok, with that said, let’s learn some basics: 

There are plenty of things that you should remember and some simply having a healthy diet that contains vitamin C, B, B1 and A. They have a wide variety of functions but among the most important ones are the fact that they can get a good amount of nutrients for your skin, blood, eyes and the rest of the body indeed. Remember that you would have to go deeper if you prefer to continue with the main functions of the vitamins which go further than K!

Isabel Rangel Baron - Healthy Diet
Isabel Rangel Baron – Healthy Diet

Never put your life into jeopardy with random pills. This is something that has killed many people and that is not to be taken as a joke. It is surprising for some but something that seems to be the cure could end lives. If you are not sure of what pills to give to a patient or to yourself, consider the idea of going to a pharmacist to understand the properties of those pills or even better, a doctor who commonly uses them.

Remember how to write nicely. This is a hard one but many people would get less confused if doctors wrote better. This is interesting but remembers that there are plenty of people who should write good and doctors are among those ones as well, but they sometimes do not remember it, (most of the times actually). Be the exception!


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