IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Medical Tips to Help You!

If you want to be better without really practicing extreme sports or being a professional soccer player, then there are good news for you. It is possible to become a fitter person by understanding and using 3 practical tips!

Consider lemon juice

If you are used to drink Coca-Cola, alcoholic beverages or anything that is not healthy, lemon juice is a tasty and nice option to improve your health. You should know that lemons are definitely very beneficial for anyone’s’ health and that you could totally feel safe by drink it after some days. It is good for your skin, it has good properties for digestion and it has vitamin C. You would probably not dislike those many benefits.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice

 Sleep at least 7 hours

Many doctors recommend to at least have as sleep of 7 hours. When we sleep, our body is literally giving us more strength for the next day. You may have a workaholic issue which should be avoided at all costs.

Imagine, if you are a person who works everyday and you earn a lot of money, but that money will be needed in the doctor because of not taking care of your health. It would be nuts and it would mean wasted time. You rather enjoy your life and work less, but sleep better.

Try not to drink too much coffee

This is related to the last tip. You would not be able to sleep very well if you are into coffee in the middle of the day or before sleeping. Your probabilities of having a better health will be higher if you diminish you coffee consumption.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
It is not like coffee is bad for your health either, but make wise use of it if you want to have a better condition.

Never be a couch potato

Being at home without doing anything or just watching tv will not lead to a healthier life. You rather go out more often and at least take more walks, so your health will be indeed a better one. The gym could work too!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Tips for a Better Heart Health

You probably like the idea of having a better heart health, right? After hearing that many heart problems around the world, you should indeed learn about health in your heart!

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart health
There are some important things to be taken into account when it is about your heart:

Avoid being a couch potato: one of the main reason why hearts are affected is because of people not doing anything. If you rarely work out or do some physical exercise, you are at risk already. It will be a lot better to have a nice health and to avoid being too much time sitting without exercising.

Do not eat too much in fast food chains: this is a no brainer. It is widely known that these foods are not so healthy. Eating too much fat can be dangerous and after you are 30 the risks are higher. The combination of this plus being a couch potato and smoking can be deadly if you don’t take control.

Avoid smoking: this is another popular one. Even if it is probably the most famous among the tips, it is there for a reason. You have to stop it if you are doing it because your heart is affected by everything you give to your body.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart and health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart and health
Watermelons: they are a great fruit for your heart. 40% of lycopene will enhance the health of your heart without a doubt.

Nature breathing : you should go to a natural place in which there are many trees to improve your breathing and try exercising there to enhance your heart strength as well.

Manage your weight: you should be able to stay in control. When you manage your weight, you are getting more knowledge on how your weight is going  to make sure you are eating rightly!

Keep being healthy!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Why to Quit Smoking

If you want to know why you should stop smoking, you will get more than one thing to learn. Smoking is considered sometimes as a trend, but it literally kills you.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Reasons to quit smoking
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Reasons to quit smoking

 Smoking can cause cancer

This is a no-brainer. You should understand that smoking has made pass away a lot of people in history. You do not want to be part of that long list. You would feel a lot better and sleep if you quit smoking. Get out diseases from your life!

People could reject you

You will probably not want to have this situation every time you smoke. People would commonly not like the scent of cigarettes. Unless it is another smoker (with whom it is not convenient to spend too much time), then you will have the odds of people not liking the smell of the cigarettes.

It is a close step to illegal drugs

You should understand that the cigarettes are a very close step to illegal drugs consumption. They’re not that different from each other except that one is stronger than the other and more “socially acceptable”. But you are at risk and you should instead consider stopping it right now. If, you want to live long and healthy, you should stop then.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Quit smoking
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Quit smoking

Remember that cigarettes make you ugly

They may supposedly make you cool looking or whatever, but they can destroy your skin, making it look old of what it should. It is a problem also because it makes you have bad breath as well. Remember that your teeth would get yellow with time and your natural body smell would be bad.

Those are good reasons so it is time to stop today! It is time to take a better understanding about smoking and stopping it even if it takes time!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Some Unique Health Tips

Maybe you are used to listen to common health tips like work out and go on a diet. They are not bad at all of course, but if you want something more interesting, then consider the following ones:

Did you know that when you drink lime you can soften a headache? This may be very particular to try, but next time you have a headache, you should try that. What you need is to cut half of the lime and then you will need to put it on your head. Remember to place it in the specific part where you feel the pain.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Bubblegum
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Bubblegum
Another cool idea is to chew more bubble gum. This may seen like something odd to do in order to increase brain power, but it actually has an effect! It has been proofed by some researchers at the Coventry University that you can diminish tiredness by chewing bubblegum.

Using the first stall in restrooms is good idea. You may be wondering why, but the reason is that it has been found that most of the times, it I the cleanest one. It had been found that it has the lowest bacteria level as well. The reason? Probably because a person who goes to the restroom prefers privacy and he/she tries to go to the one that are at the end of the room. It will be important that you make good habits from scratch!

As you can see, these tips are something that you cannot only learn, but put in practice next time you have the opportunity. It is going to be very good to also share such unique health tips with your friends because you never know when they can be useful. Assure that you keep learning more health tips that can be unusual, but useful at the same time!

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Restroom Stall
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Restroom Stall
By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Tips To Reduce Cholesterol

You have been having problems with cholesterol in your body, right? That may be natural, but what you have to learn is just how to reduce it.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Exercise
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Exercise
By using the following tips you will be getting better information on how to diminish cholesterol in your body:

Healthier Fats

You should be able to increase the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is more informally known as the “bad cholesterol”.

Eat more whey proteins

This is an important one. This is one of the proteins that should be consumed every day together with casein. It has been proofed that whey protein has the ability to lower total cholesterol as well as the lowdensity lipoprotein cholesterol.

Physical activity

When you are doing your physical activities, you are helping your body in many senses and reducing cholesterol is included. Maybe you feel puzzled on what physical activity you should do, but this may be a trial and error kind of thing. Try swimming, riding your bicycle even when you go to the work or to anywhere else. The more physical activity you get, the better for your body.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Salmon diet is low in cholesterol
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Salmon diet is low in cholesterol

No cigarettes

Cholesterol is not only related to food, but also to this bad habit. Your heart rate will also get lower when you stop smoking (20 minutes after it). Then, it is more than convenient to do such a thing, right?

These tips are here not only to be read, but also to be used, so please, be sure to consider them in your daily routine because that is how it is supposed to have an effect. Consider that this is going to be another way to improve your life as well!

Health is important and you should never treat this topic lightly. Give it the attention it needs.

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron] I’m In Love with The Shape of ME!

Getting Healthy and In Shape!

Many people think that being in shape is about working but and eating dietetic stuff. In a sense, it is the truth because you surely would rather work out if you want to be healthier and in shape but you should understand that you have something to avoid as well.


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Isabel Rangel Baron – Stay in Shape


For example, people who constantly consume sugars or who eats way too much greasy foods such as hamburgers, teaks, and street food, will be less likely to be in shape. However, it is going to be a lot easier if you are having a diet with vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, onions, tomatoes potatoes, and ma so on. Eating an egg instead of meat can be a good substitute as long as you do not eat that many either because of the much cholesterol they can have.

Pasta can be a good food to get as well as long you combine it with a nice workout, it is going to be really nice to eat your pasta because, with it, you would be getting a better muscle growth if you are into weight lifting or working out with bars. There are many excessive that could be better for your specific purpose.


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Isabel Rangel Baron – Exercise your body!


If you just want to avoid that belly growing more and more, it would be nice to do some cardiovascular workout like jogging or musical dancing gymnastics. Practicing a sport is a nice idea if you want to have some competitive fun as well. Tennis is a great option for those ones who are older than 30 which is a sport that you can practice whether intensely or in a middle effort.

Remember to practice constantly and keep doing your work out with a good set of food and you will get the results sooner than later!


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Isabel Rangel Baron – Work out to be healthy!




-Isabel Rangel Baron

[Isabel Rangel Baron]How To Have Better Lungs

If you want to know more about how to have good lung health then you are going to have to follow these tips:

Eat food that is iron rich: this is going to be important so that your red blood cells can deliver oxygen to muscles. If you do not have that much iron in your body, then you could experience anemic like symptoms and it would happen whether at the sea level or at a high altitude. The foods you are looking for are, spinach, sesame seeds, dark leaf greenies, steak and oregano as well.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Lung Health
Isabel Rangel Baron – Lung Health

Prevent infections: if you are in a very unhealthy place in which you could be affected by an infection then it is better to avoid it. Any bacteria that can be damaging for your lungs is dangerous and there are cases of fatal diseases just because of these infections so you rather be aware of not being in a place that is  way too exposed to pollution and contaminated air.

Checkups: whether you like it or not, going to the doctor is going to be a nice idea. If you want to get a nice medical health, you should definitely go and get a good amount of time with the doctor at least every 6 months. This is in order to make sure that you do not have any special infection or problem with your lungs and you would get the feedback of an expert toward your specific case.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Check in with your lungs
Isabel Rangel Baron – Check in with your lungs

Learn singing: this is a little farfetched but you can be sure that it is going to work very well. It is similar to the effects that a good work out has and that is because you would be using your lungs in a nice effort to have the notes reached with your air. Moreover, your breathing capacity would improve a lot and these two things would come with a fun activity. That is a great and stylish method to get better health don’t you think so?


-Isabel Rangel Baron