[Isabel Rangel Baron]Cancer And How To Avoid It

Have you ever considered that cancer could strike almost anyone in the world without really being aware of it? Then you should consider these ideas to avoid it.

You cannot smoke: this is a hard one to know for many or the reason that smoking is the main cause of cancer in two different parts of the body such as mouth and lungs and it is never going to be good to smoke while not having enough physical activity which is commonly together.

Isabel Rangel - Development of cancer
Isabel Rangel – Development of cancer

Workout: right, this one is necessary even if you do not want to do it. Consider yourself in some years if you are in your 30’s. Do you see yourself strong or instead you think you are like going to be unhealthy? Go to the park, take strolls, practice a sport or do whatever you want that involves physical activities, there are plenty of options and if you do not feel creative enough, then use the internet to search for options.

Remember to drink healthily: there is normally no problem with drinking a beer or getting some wine for the night but when you abuse of it, you are literally destroying your body and risking yourself to get cancer that could end up with your life! This is something not to be taken lightly, drinking has way too many dangers like to do it often so you rather avoid doing this for your own welfare all right?

Isabel Rangel - Development of cancer
Isabel Rangel – Cancer causes

-Isabel Rangel Baron


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