[Isabel Rangel Baron]How To Have Better Lungs

If you want to know more about how to have good lung health then you are going to have to follow these tips:

Eat food that is iron rich: this is going to be important so that your red blood cells can deliver oxygen to muscles. If you do not have that much iron in your body, then you could experience anemic like symptoms and it would happen whether at the sea level or at a high altitude. The foods you are looking for are, spinach, sesame seeds, dark leaf greenies, steak and oregano as well.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Lung Health
Isabel Rangel Baron – Lung Health

Prevent infections: if you are in a very unhealthy place in which you could be affected by an infection then it is better to avoid it. Any bacteria that can be damaging for your lungs is dangerous and there are cases of fatal diseases just because of these infections so you rather be aware of not being in a place that is  way too exposed to pollution and contaminated air.

Checkups: whether you like it or not, going to the doctor is going to be a nice idea. If you want to get a nice medical health, you should definitely go and get a good amount of time with the doctor at least every 6 months. This is in order to make sure that you do not have any special infection or problem with your lungs and you would get the feedback of an expert toward your specific case.

Isabel Rangel Baron - Check in with your lungs
Isabel Rangel Baron – Check in with your lungs

Learn singing: this is a little farfetched but you can be sure that it is going to work very well. It is similar to the effects that a good work out has and that is because you would be using your lungs in a nice effort to have the notes reached with your air. Moreover, your breathing capacity would improve a lot and these two things would come with a fun activity. That is a great and stylish method to get better health don’t you think so?


-Isabel Rangel Baron


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