[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Tips for a Better Heart Health

You probably like the idea of having a better heart health, right? After hearing that many heart problems around the world, you should indeed learn about health in your heart!

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart health
There are some important things to be taken into account when it is about your heart:

Avoid being a couch potato: one of the main reason why hearts are affected is because of people not doing anything. If you rarely work out or do some physical exercise, you are at risk already. It will be a lot better to have a nice health and to avoid being too much time sitting without exercising.

Do not eat too much in fast food chains: this is a no brainer. It is widely known that these foods are not so healthy. Eating too much fat can be dangerous and after you are 30 the risks are higher. The combination of this plus being a couch potato and smoking can be deadly if you don’t take control.

Avoid smoking: this is another popular one. Even if it is probably the most famous among the tips, it is there for a reason. You have to stop it if you are doing it because your heart is affected by everything you give to your body.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart and health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Heart and health
Watermelons: they are a great fruit for your heart. 40% of lycopene will enhance the health of your heart without a doubt.

Nature breathing : you should go to a natural place in which there are many trees to improve your breathing and try exercising there to enhance your heart strength as well.

Manage your weight: you should be able to stay in control. When you manage your weight, you are getting more knowledge on how your weight is going  to make sure you are eating rightly!

Keep being healthy!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


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