IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Medical Tips to Help You!

If you want to be better without really practicing extreme sports or being a professional soccer player, then there are good news for you. It is possible to become a fitter person by understanding and using 3 practical tips!

Consider lemon juice

If you are used to drink Coca-Cola, alcoholic beverages or anything that is not healthy, lemon juice is a tasty and nice option to improve your health. You should know that lemons are definitely very beneficial for anyone’s’ health and that you could totally feel safe by drink it after some days. It is good for your skin, it has good properties for digestion and it has vitamin C. You would probably not dislike those many benefits.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice

 Sleep at least 7 hours

Many doctors recommend to at least have as sleep of 7 hours. When we sleep, our body is literally giving us more strength for the next day. You may have a workaholic issue which should be avoided at all costs.

Imagine, if you are a person who works everyday and you earn a lot of money, but that money will be needed in the doctor because of not taking care of your health. It would be nuts and it would mean wasted time. You rather enjoy your life and work less, but sleep better.

Try not to drink too much coffee

This is related to the last tip. You would not be able to sleep very well if you are into coffee in the middle of the day or before sleeping. Your probabilities of having a better health will be higher if you diminish you coffee consumption.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
It is not like coffee is bad for your health either, but make wise use of it if you want to have a better condition.

Never be a couch potato

Being at home without doing anything or just watching tv will not lead to a healthier life. You rather go out more often and at least take more walks, so your health will be indeed a better one. The gym could work too!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


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