[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Teeth Health: Tips and Advices

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Dental health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Dental health
If you want to be a person with better dental health, you probably will have to change some things in your daily basis.

Having healthy dental hygiene is almost a mandatory thing. You should never overlook your dental health because it will as well say a lot of you. Consider three ideas:

Do not clean excessively: some people may thing that cleaning over and over your teeth could be great because they would be cleaner. However, this could as well damage them because we are not talking about iron, teeth are made of calcium and brushing them too much could overuse them as well.

Just do not exaggerate with your hygiene and wash them regularly

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Dental health
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Dental health
Schedule it: you should have your own schedule to wash your teeth. It would be advisable to do it up to 3 times in a day after each of the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. By doing that, you would have a normal basis and you can make the habit very easily without having too much problem.

Your food: do not eat anything that could be damaging for your teeth in the long term. You may have been chewing too much bubble gum in the past, but that could be damaging as well as too many candies and sweets. These are the main things that damage teeth, but there are more foods that could result damaging for teeth in general.

Especially at night: this is a very critical time to clean your teeth because when you sleep, you are accumulating bad breath that will be a consequence of stomach activity during sleep time. As a consequence, you get that undesirable bad breath that makes everyone flee away from you. The solution for is to clean them at night and before breakfast. You would as well not accumulate too much bacteria in your teeth.

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


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