[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Health and Skin Care

It is sometimes a bit difficult to know what you should do with your skin in order to keep it protected. Here there are three useful tips that will help you out.

Avoid the sun 

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Skin care tips
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Skin care tips
It is very-well known that the sun can burn your skin and even cause irreversible damage. This is something that you should be able to avoid with some prevention. The more you receive damage from the sun the more you would be getting chance of receiving such damages. In case that you work or frequent too sunny places, you should use your sunblock, so that you could be protected against the sunrays.  It is no wonder why there have been that much skin problems over the time if you consider that the sun can destroy a whole asteroid, imagine how preventive we have to be with our skins!

No cigarettes

If you have been smoking, it will be time to learn how to quit it. The reason is that smoking actually damages your skin very strongly and you would get it look a lot more like the one of an old person even if you are young. Everything that enters in your body alters your body for good or bad purposes. If you find quitting cigarettes is too difficult, it would be nice that you also get informed on some techniques on how to quite it.

Reduce bath time

Hot water has the ability to remove oils from your skin and, in the long-term, it can damage your skin. You should learn to reduce the time you spend in the shower because it will surely help you to preserve your skin for longer than if you don’t.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Tips
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Tips
By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


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