[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breathe better
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breathe better
If you want to breath better to have a healthy life, there are some practical tips that you should not stop using.

Remember to run or jog more often: when you are doing any of these exercises, you are making your lungs more powerful. The fact that they have to work while you are running will make them stronger and this is what you need for more lung power.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath
Practice breathing exercises: there are many exercises you could try. Among them, you have diaphragm breathing. You should be able to breathe without moving your shoulder and only moving your waist. Try this while standing and get as used to it as you can. If you didn’t know it, this is the way baby breath. It will help you your breathing style and your lung power too.

Remember to eat healthy: there are foods like hamburger and hot dogs that don’t contribute to a healthy life or breathing. Instead, try to add more vegetables to the mix and if possible, fruits and more water. All of this will contribute to a better diet.

Be aware with smokers: if you do not smoke that is fine. However, remember that people who smoke should not be the frequent kind of people that you talk to if you want to be healthy. This is going to be important because when there are other people who smokes, you can get your lungs contaminated and it is pretty much the same if you smoke or receive the smoke of another person.

Keep practicing your exercises to have a better breathing !

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].


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