If there is something that can easily make other people feel uncomfortable, that has to be the bad breath issue. You should do your best to avoid this even while there are times in which you can just not be perfect.

If you want to have a good breath, there are some practical things that you should do:

Back to the basics, clean your teeth:

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Health Problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Health Problem
This is probably the most important thing to do and it should not be skipped. Remember that when you are using your teeth brusher and you are cleaning your mouth, you should use the proper technique. While you are brushing your teeth, do not move it up and down, but instead move the brush up for your lower teeth and down for your upper teeth. The idea is to remove and no to “spread” the food all over the teeth. Also, do it very gently. You do not need to use that much strength, but instead some technique, so your teeth do not fall apart so easily when you are in your seventies.

You should not skip your eating time. You should be able to eat in the right time because when you skip your meals and you eat late, your stomach automatically starts the digestive process and the acids you have there can make you end up with a terrible breath. When you eat in the right time, you are not giving your stomach the opportunity of doing such a thing and that could help you out not to generate such a bad breath.

Be careful with your food: you may not have noticed that sometimes food is what causes the bad breath. You should be able to notice if there are any foods that produce you a bad breath in your daily basis. Remember that if you find hard noticing there is bad breath, other people may notice it for you. In such a case, just remember which were the last things you ate and make sure you do not frequent eat that again.

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Problem

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