Isabel Rangel Baron: Are Life Stressors a Factor in the Opioid Epidemic?

The problem with opioid use in the U.S. has finally reached epic proportions, and many don’t understand why. We live in a new era full of possibilities and a variety of different treatment methods. Yet, more people are becoming addicted to things like heroin and prescription narcotics than ever before.

Getting to the root of the problem would provide us with more tactics to help those suffering from addiction and allow us to see the problem from the social ground floor. We live in a world with a heightened level of competition and measurable success around every corner.

Our personal standards have changed, and the pressure that we put on ourselves and others to succeed is unreal. All it takes is a trip down memory lane on social media to completely destroy a person’s sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

You may have had expectations for yourself, or others may have had expectations for you that you simply didn’t live up to. This can contribute to depression and anxiety which is a huge factor when it comes to addiction.


Opioid use is on the rise

In the last year, more than 64,000 people died from drug overdoses. A person is now more likely to die from an overdose than they are from a car accident or a mishap with a gun. Many people attribute this to the lax prescribing practices surrounding opioid medications.

In part, this is absolutely true. Doctors and pharmacists were entirely aware of the deadly impact that prescription opioids can have on Americans. They underestimated the addictive nature of the drugs and prescribed them in excess.

Some people took narcotics for years at a time in an effort to manage chronic pain or for acute injuries that turned into a full-blown addiction. Becoming addicted to prescription drugs doesn’t take long for a person who’s already predisposed to the disease.

Even after a short prescription intended for acute use, a person may be hopelessly dependent on the drugs. This chemical dependence can lead to withdrawals when they run out of their medication, leading them to seek out illicit drugs.

Some patients end up doctor-shopping or inventing pain in order to convince medical professionals of their need for prescription medications. Fortunately, the U.S. has come up with a narcotic database that allows doctors to be apprised of any and all addictive prescriptions a person is taking.

While this helps to put a stop to the overprescribing of these drugs, it hasn’t done much to derail the existing addiction. When some patients are unable to get their medications directly from their doctor, they may try to convince others to sell their existing prescriptions or turn to things like heroin to compensate.

This is only one part of the problem; the availability of things like heroin and fentanyl on the street has created an entire underground culture of people who depend on the sale of drugs for their income, and to treat addiction in a way that’s both casual and unnerving. I believe that what many people fail to understand is the correlation between our personal expectations and our rising dependence on drugs and alcohol to cope.


The competitive nature of the U.S.

Americans don’t move at the casual pace that they once did. The introduction of technology and real-time communication has pushed people to take on more than ever. We now expect our children to go into competitive educational programs at extremely young ages, and if they fail to keep up they face being ostracized by peers and adults.

We’ve also seen a reduction in the middle class, and the median income. You’re either expected to be a complete success, or you’re considered to be living below the poverty line. It’s easier to compare yourself to a group of your peers than it’s ever been. Social media, web pages, and the constant need to display our accomplishments have put new pressure on people.

If you are unable to match or exceed the accomplishments of others, then you may find yourself dealing with severe anxiety and depression. Everyone is living at a breakneck pace, and this takes its toll on a person’s psyche.

More people experience mental illness and diseases relating to fatigue and immunity disorders than ever before. Part of this has to do with the amount of stress that we place on ourselves, and the way that we push ourselves toward success.

Being unable to achieve what you really wanted to do can leave you grasping for coping skills that you may not have. We spend so much time with tunnel vision and a focus on success that many people don’t understand how to cope with failure.

People expect you to look a certain way, dress a certain way, behave a certain way, and fit into a certain rung of society. Being unable to do this can force you to belong to a demographic that you don’t know how to navigate.

There’s also a serious issue with poverty in many areas of the US. Some people simply don’t know how to live any other way and end up selling drugs because it’s what their parents and grandparents did. That may sound unbelievable, but some communities have generations of dealers and addicts that they just can’t seem to shake.

Whether it’s due to a preconceived notion or simply the subculture of the area, drugs are definitely worse in some places suffering from serious poverty and a lack of gainful employment. Many people simply don’t know how to prevent opioid addiction, and it turns into a vicious cycle.


Why people turn to drugs

While many people develop an addiction as a result of a previous prescription, others do it to cope with stress or other problems. They feel so worked up over the events of the day that they need a more concrete way to relax.

This doesn’t always result in healthy behaviors. Many consider drinking to be an acceptable way to deal with a bad day, but others take this a step further. With the availability of opioids and their immediate euphoric effect, they seem like the perfect solution for somebody who feels overwhelmed and can’t seem to climb out of their negative feelings.

Coping with mental illness and trying to stay upright in spite of the weight of the world takes serious dedication and an understanding of different types of coping mechanisms. Some people turn to healthy practices like exercise or meditation, but opioids provide an instant gratification that many people crave.

Some people start out using them as a way to relax and end up physically and psychologically addicted. Once this happens, the focus of their life shifts and they become obsessed with the drugs.

For some, drug use might be the only way to protect themselves from painful memories or past trauma. There’s also a certain stigma that follows people who become addicted to opioids. Many people consider them weak or a failure, and this adds to the overall stress factor.

It’s difficult to seek out help when you feel that you’ll be judged for it.


Living life at your own pace

If you’re struggling with addiction or you’re struggling with a huge amount of stress, just remember that you need to live life at your own pace. No one’s expectations matter but your own, and you need to put your mental and physical health before the need to succeed.

Take time and de-stress. Value yourself and develop coping mechanisms for every stage of your life. This is the best way to succeed for yourself, which is much more important than the perception of public success.

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Isabel Rangel Barón: An efficient deep-learning tool for detecting eye disease

An efficient deep-learning tool for detecting eye disease

A new artificial-intelligence tool deploys a highly efficient form of deep learning to diagnose eye disease from medical images.

Convolutional neural networks are deep-learning algorithms adept at processing images, but researchers typically need to train them on more than a million medical images before they can test how well the algorithms work. Kang Zhang at the University of California, San Diego, in La Jolla and his colleagues created a kind of convolutional neural network capable of learning with many fewer images.

The team trained the model on 108,000 images of retinas. All had been classified by experts as either healthy or showing signs of a leading cause of blindness: macular degeneration or diabetic macular edema, a build-up of fluid in the retina. The algorithm identified critical cases of these conditions as accurately as six experts in ophthalmology.

The model also identified pediatric pneumonia from chest X-rays, suggesting that the technique could be broadly applied across medicine.

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INTERESTING! Isabel Rangel Barón: Better Lifestyle Anyone?

If you are the kind of person who wants to have a better health, you should not hesitate looking for a better diet. There are things that you can’t just eat very often if you want to have a better life. As an example, people who eats often way too much are literally risking their health.

This is not good because sometimes, that much grease can be harmful for your body. There are people who end up in a surgery because of eating too often. It may sound excessive but it is not far away from reality.

If you are a chubby guy, you have to start training a bit more. Try to consider exercising as something good for your life and do not expect fast results either. Maybe the best thing you can do is to train yourself to get used to the idea of enjoying to work out. If you enjoy doing your exercises at least 3 times per week, there will be a moment in which you will see results without any doubt.


It Is necessary that you also do not eat that much junk food as said before and if you combine it with a good diet, you will surely not be left behind when it comes to entering the group of healthy people.

It would be advisable that you eat more fruits and vegetables if you want to have a good flavor food at the same time you eat something that is better for your body.

You may not want to have that much time working out in a gym but if you are the kind of outdoors person, walking and jogging would be definitely good ideas. Do not stop doing this because that it s going to help you out a lot and you should not stop liking to work out in a different place than most people.

Sometimes it is about being different from the rest and if you look for improvement, you can’t just be watching TV as most people do when they do not work out.

IMPORTANT! Isabel Rangel Baron: Health and Lifestyle: Good Ideas

If you want to have a healthier life, you should not hesitate on trying out these ideas:

Swimming more often: that can be a very entertaining way to improve your health. Moreover, chances are that you get a better body since this is a complete work out. Your body would be moving in the pool often and this would unavoidably make you r arms, legs and back work out a lot. Consider it if you do not have any problem with wearing a bath suit while working out!


Parkour: this is for those ones who want to try a sport which implies more adrenaline and movement. This is not a sport that you practice in the water but on solid ground. This means that you will need to do different tricksrolling, and jumps and so on. You may be a bit skeptical on practicing such a sport if you have not raining but the good news is that you can always find a tutorial on YouTube to get started. Expert parkour is very interesting and the work out that it gives to your body is very complete. It is going to be a very nice idea if you want to be fit without needing a gym but do not stop being preventive while training.


These two sports are going to be very helpful if you are willing to get more of a better healthy life. Also, consider going to a place you like while practicing since you should be often going to a place you enjoy so you do not see it as an obligation. A sport that gives you a good health should be fun too so do not stop trying out these so you can avoid those gym routines which may be not of your taste.

AMAZING! Isabel Rangel Barón: Let’s get Thinner!

If you want to be a person with a better weight, you should understand that there are some tips that can use today. Time to get thin! See the tips Isabel Rangel Barón brought today for you!

In fact, being thinner is into only matter of working out every single day but actually of combination between sleep, eating healthy and working out.

Many people would agree with the fact that there are many myths on the physical health area. Then this means that you will need to focus a lot on discovering what is better for you and there are times in which a nutritionist will be the more practical method to make that sure.

You should remember that sleep time is critical. If you do not sleep from 7 to 8 hours, you cannot expect being thinner in the long term because of the lack of energy you would have if you sleep less time. You need to take care of your body and remember that if you are willing to change, then change have to be made.

Your vegetable can be a good idea. Many people do not like broccoli but it is a great alternative to as well prevent cancer and getting good energy during the day avoiding high fat meats.

The best you can do is to have a better knowledge on what to do and this will imply to have a better understanding on how much time you have to invest on getting thinner while working out. You do not need to be in a gym either. A long as you do good exercise at least 3 times per week, you will be seeing results at some point.

You should stop having bad habits such a sitting for long periods of time without doing anything and remember that this is going to have important and useful results for your life.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Care of Your Breath: Tips and Ideas

If there is something that can easily make other people feel uncomfortable, that has to be the bad breath issue. You should do your best to avoid this even while there are times in which you can just not be perfect.

If you want to have a good breath, there are some practical things that you should do:

Back to the basics, clean your teeth:

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Health Problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Health Problem
This is probably the most important thing to do and it should not be skipped. Remember that when you are using your teeth brusher and you are cleaning your mouth, you should use the proper technique. While you are brushing your teeth, do not move it up and down, but instead move the brush up for your lower teeth and down for your upper teeth. The idea is to remove and no to “spread” the food all over the teeth. Also, do it very gently. You do not need to use that much strength, but instead some technique, so your teeth do not fall apart so easily when you are in your seventies.

You should not skip your eating time. You should be able to eat in the right time because when you skip your meals and you eat late, your stomach automatically starts the digestive process and the acids you have there can make you end up with a terrible breath. When you eat in the right time, you are not giving your stomach the opportunity of doing such a thing and that could help you out not to generate such a bad breath.

Be careful with your food: you may not have noticed that sometimes food is what causes the bad breath. You should be able to notice if there are any foods that produce you a bad breath in your daily basis. Remember that if you find hard noticing there is bad breath, other people may notice it for you. In such a case, just remember which were the last things you ate and make sure you do not frequent eat that again.

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Problem
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Problem

Isabel Rangel Baron: Skin and Health: Learning about them

Why you should take care of your skin? This is something that many people has overlooked. Maybe because there is too much emphasis on getting fitter and lowering fat. Isabel Rangel Baron brings interesting information about taking care of the skin and all the measures for your health regarding this topic.

Skin should never be overlooked because it is pretty much one of the most important organs in your body. Yes, skin is considered an organ in spite of being in the exterior of your body.

Skin will need a very good treatment in order to have a good nourishment so it does not get old so easy. Among the things that damages skin the most there is making and too much sun.

Do you remember the last time you went to the beach and you didn’t use sun blocker? That is pretty much dangerous because if you don’t do it, you are under the risk of suffering severe burns. As well, in the worst case, because of too much sun exposition there could be risk of suffering skin cancer. You surely want to avoid that.

When you smoke a lot, you are making your skin weaker with time. You may have noticed that people who still smoke at the age of 40 or 50 commonly have a skink that looks pretty much wrinkly. The reasons have a lot to do with their smoking habit.

You can use skin creams that can help your countenance. That would be useful for your face and you would probably look prettier with time. However you rather make sure you can receive those skin lotions medically because depending on the person and the kind of skin, there may be different reactions.

Going to a dermatologist would be the safest option so you can make sure it is good for you to use them.