IMPORTANT! Isabel Rangel Baron: The Importance of Mental Health: Tips for You

Today, with so much computer needs and traffic problems, it is easy to have stressing problems that could affect many minds. You need to understand that it is important to have a very good mental health with such a fast society. There are some tips that will make your mind have a better time and Isabel Rangel Baron brings more about them. Keep reading and discover interesting things.

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Avoid too much TV. There are many people who would easily take hours in front of a TV. This is dangerous because that does not represent a good activity for the body. Instead, try working or at least walking if you find heavy exercise too difficult. As long as you can move, there is no excuse for not working out rather than laziness so you rather start changing those habits.  Discipline will be necessary.

If you want to have a very good mental health, you should avoid playing stressful videogames. How many times have you played games that somehow make you feel more stressed? If you frequent games like that, you rather play others that at least suit you for good challenge without needing to make you go crazy!

Isabel Rangel Baron - Good mental health

Look for silence as well. You should not frequent places that are too overcrowded or discotheques were you can barely speak which is a basic human need. Instead, going to a library or a park could be a nice idea if you want to have a good time without being overwhelmed by too many people

It will be important to have a healthy food. Eating junk food can contribute to a sick mind. If you do not have a healthy body, it is hard to get a healthy mind. Take it as an advice in order to improve your life from now on.


IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Enhance Your Breathing

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breathe better
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breathe better
If you want to breath better to have a healthy life, there are some practical tips that you should not stop using.

Remember to run or jog more often: when you are doing any of these exercises, you are making your lungs more powerful. The fact that they have to work while you are running will make them stronger and this is what you need for more lung power.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Breath
Practice breathing exercises: there are many exercises you could try. Among them, you have diaphragm breathing. You should be able to breathe without moving your shoulder and only moving your waist. Try this while standing and get as used to it as you can. If you didn’t know it, this is the way baby breath. It will help you your breathing style and your lung power too.

Remember to eat healthy: there are foods like hamburger and hot dogs that don’t contribute to a healthy life or breathing. Instead, try to add more vegetables to the mix and if possible, fruits and more water. All of this will contribute to a better diet.

Be aware with smokers: if you do not smoke that is fine. However, remember that people who smoke should not be the frequent kind of people that you talk to if you want to be healthy. This is going to be important because when there are other people who smokes, you can get your lungs contaminated and it is pretty much the same if you smoke or receive the smoke of another person.

Keep practicing your exercises to have a better breathing !

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Benefits of Jogging

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Jogging
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Jogging
Jogging is good for your health and it has a good variety of benefits

You will have less risk of cancer: there are some cancers that could be prevented by jogging. You should understand that jogging is more than just an activity that you do to look in shape. You are as well helping your body to prevent some diseases!

Jogging will give you more oxytocins: this is a very good thing because by liberating this hormone, you will be more likely to have a good mood. Oxytocin is known as the hormone of happiness and when you are jogging, you start segregating more of them. Quiet a good benefit for something that helps you to live longer, right?

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Benefits of jogging
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Benefits of jogging
Jogging is good for your physical condition: this is completely good. You will look that the more you jog, the more time you can resist in a daily basis. This activity will strengthen your body to the point of giving you a better resistance and health condition. This is something that will suit you a lot if you need to walk a lot in a daily basis!

You will have a stronger heart: one of the muscles that you are working out without seeing them while jogging is your heart. You will see that your heart will be in a better condition if you help your body by jogging. These should be good news because jogging is a sport that you will be able to enjoy a lot more if you train often in order to get a better heart health.

As you see, jogging is definitely good and it has very good benefits. Keep your health alive!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Jogging with company
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Jogging with company

IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Benefits of Oranges

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Oranges
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Oranges
Did you know that oranges are among the fruit that will be better for your diet and work out routines? They do have good variety of benefits. Let’s check them out.

Emotional well-being

Did you know that oranges are good to put you in a better mood? This should be a very nice thing to know because this tasty fruit will make you feel better while having a good flavor in your mouth!

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Eating oranges
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Eating oranges


Oranges are also a good source of phytochemicals. They are good to combat cancer and this includes:

  • colon,
  • skin,
  • stomach,
  • and breast.

Kidney diseases combated

Oranges are very good, so that you can combat kidney disease. Since oranges are such a good fruit for your health, you should do everything, but stop including them in your diet!

It lowers cholesterol

It is surely a good aspect. You will like the idea of lowing your cholesterol if you have had health issues for that in the past. And if you have not had them, you can raise your probabilities of not suffering it by eating your oranges!

Good against viral infections

Oranges also have the nice advantage of being very effective to combat viral infections. Today, there are many of these and if you are a frequent subway or train user, you will probably want to stay protected. This fruit will suit you a lot to prevent that!

As you can see, oranges have pretty much a very good variety of functions more than just making an orange juice. Be sure to keep enjoying them and probably one of the best combinations that you could give your orange is a good workout routine!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: A Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that in order to have a better lifestyle you will need to have more training for it?

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy Lifestyle
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy Lifestyle
You will actually need a lot more focused on what you do in a daily basis. This means that you will have to learn more about your eating and sleeping habits.

Try not to eat junk food

That is going to be something that will not help your health in any sense. Instead, look for more fruits, vegetables and everything that does not have the junk food style. Avoid going to McDonald’s or fast food chains. Pay attention to your diet.

You will need to make the habit, this mean that you will have to stop going to any place or situation that reminds you of eating hamburgers, hot dogs or anything similar.

This, of course, can be hard because maybe you are at the work and you have everything that damages your health next to you. Then, you can look for another job that may be better for your health or you do not have that much temptation.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Food
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Food
Another way to solve could be to avoid using the same routine over and over.

Avoid anything that makes you think of smoking

If you have been smoking, you should know it is very dangerous. This is a little hard to determine at the beginning, but put attention to what make you think of cigarettes. Immediately when you understand the specific triggers, make everything to be less exposed to them.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lifestyle
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lifestyle
Having a better lifestyle can imply sacrifice, but it will worthy and remember to combine it with good work out.

This is probably one of the best strategies to avoid being unhealthy!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

IMPORTANT! [Isabel Rangel Baron]: Medical Tips to Help You!

If you want to be better without really practicing extreme sports or being a professional soccer player, then there are good news for you. It is possible to become a fitter person by understanding and using 3 practical tips!

Consider lemon juice

If you are used to drink Coca-Cola, alcoholic beverages or anything that is not healthy, lemon juice is a tasty and nice option to improve your health. You should know that lemons are definitely very beneficial for anyone’s’ health and that you could totally feel safe by drink it after some days. It is good for your skin, it has good properties for digestion and it has vitamin C. You would probably not dislike those many benefits.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Lemon juice

 Sleep at least 7 hours

Many doctors recommend to at least have as sleep of 7 hours. When we sleep, our body is literally giving us more strength for the next day. You may have a workaholic issue which should be avoided at all costs.

Imagine, if you are a person who works everyday and you earn a lot of money, but that money will be needed in the doctor because of not taking care of your health. It would be nuts and it would mean wasted time. You rather enjoy your life and work less, but sleep better.

Try not to drink too much coffee

This is related to the last tip. You would not be able to sleep very well if you are into coffee in the middle of the day or before sleeping. Your probabilities of having a better health will be higher if you diminish you coffee consumption.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Not to drink coffee
It is not like coffee is bad for your health either, but make wise use of it if you want to have a better condition.

Never be a couch potato

Being at home without doing anything or just watching tv will not lead to a healthier life. You rather go out more often and at least take more walks, so your health will be indeed a better one. The gym could work too!

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].

Isabel Rangel Baron: Diabetes and Prevention

Preventing diabetes is something that you should consider either for yoursefl and for others.

There are some important ideas that you should consider if you suffer from diabetes or have any genetic influence that has to do with this disease.

Diabetes must be prevented

The OMS has the mission of preventing this disease as much as possible and definitely they want to reduce the damages that it implies. According to the OMS the diabetes type 2 occurs because of the modern technologies at least in a 90% of the cases.

Sometimes diabetes exists because of hereditary factors and some others the reason could be metabolism itself.

In order to prevent diabetes, there are some things that you could consider doing:

Practicing sports or exercising regularly is definitely nice because you would have a better health.

Diabetes is a cronic disease

A good weight is important also so that you can also prevent diabetes and stay in good shape at the same time.

If you smoke, you rather stop it because sometimes it could be one of the factors that unleash diabetes and it will be a lot better to stop it because this is the moment in which you can prevent and not later.

It is important to prevent this disease as soon as possible because with time, the consequences could be dangerous. You surely will prefer to prevent the fact of suffering diabetes so you rather take these important tips into consideration and try to do your best to follow them. It is important that you also tell this too any person that you know that could suffer diabetes and its consequences. Maybe without really knowing it, you are helping a life which could last longer just because of the fact you would be helping to prevent it.

It is important that you look for a medical insurance if you want to be sure in the medical side as well, the OMS is a good option if you want to get one.