IMPORTANT! Isabel Rangel Baron: Health and Lifestyle: Good Ideas

If you want to have a healthier life, you should not hesitate on trying out these ideas:

Swimming more often: that can be a very entertaining way to improve your health. Moreover, chances are that you get a better body since this is a complete work out. Your body would be moving in the pool often and this would unavoidably make you r arms, legs and back work out a lot. Consider it if you do not have any problem with wearing a bath suit while working out!


Parkour: this is for those ones who want to try a sport which implies more adrenaline and movement. This is not a sport that you practice in the water but on solid ground. This means that you will need to do different tricksrolling, and jumps and so on. You may be a bit skeptical on practicing such a sport if you have not raining but the good news is that you can always find a tutorial on YouTube to get started. Expert parkour is very interesting and the work out that it gives to your body is very complete. It is going to be a very nice idea if you want to be fit without needing a gym but do not stop being preventive while training.


These two sports are going to be very helpful if you are willing to get more of a better healthy life. Also, consider going to a place you like while practicing since you should be often going to a place you enjoy so you do not see it as an obligation. A sport that gives you a good health should be fun too so do not stop trying out these so you can avoid those gym routines which may be not of your taste.


[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Let’s Get Healthier!

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy life
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy life
You may be thinking that you should have a better lifestyle. That is a good thing to recognize but it will meaningless if you do not take it to action. You should remember that in order to have a better health, you must understand that there is a very important power in the routine you have.

Consider the following tips: Water, water and more water

You should not avoid drinking at least seven to eight glasses of water daily. It may seem exaggerated but in fact it is the normal range of water that you should be drinking every single day. Of course, you may have been to used to cocacola or alcoholic beverages because they are too tasty or enjoyable. But it is time now to understand that stopping that has a lot more of convenience for your life.

[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy
[Isabel Rangel Baron]: Healthy

Avoid stressful situations

You should avoid everything that could be stressful. Avoid traffic, smog, crowded places and everything that could make you feel stressed because that way you will not get healthier. In fact, you should understand that there are triggers of stress that may lead you to feel stressed if you are not careful enough. Remember that one of the best and most convenient ideas to have a better health is to actually avoid “unhealthy situations”.

Do not stop working out

This may be a little hard if you are not used to work out. You should include it in your routine and do it at least three times per week. If you think it is boring, try to include music or another person who could go with you. Also, you could consider practicing a sport because that way you have fun at the same time you are working out.  Consider your diet as well and take a good routine for your excercises.

By [Isabel Rangel Baron].